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AWESOMME helps everyone, from a novice wine buyer to an expert wine collector, choose great value wines every time.

To get the very best out of the AWESOMME website you need to understand a few key concepts.

VFM (Value For Money)

10.0 Magnificant Value
9.5 Exceptional Value
9.0 Exceptional Value
8.5 Exceptional Value
8.0 Great Value
7.5 Great Value
7.0 Great Value
6.5 Good Value
6.0 Good Value
5.5 Good Value
5.0 Slightly Expensive
4.5 Slightly Expensive
4.0 Slightly Expensive
3.5 Very Expensive
3.0 Very Expensive
2.5 Very Expensive
2.0 Extremely Expensive
1.5 Extremely Expensive
1.0 Extremely Expensive
0.5 Excessively Expensive
0 Not Rated

(Note: The AWESOMME VFM scale is used under licence from the iS Ratings Value For Money (VFM) Scale. AWESOMME has permission to use the iS Ratings VFM scale without showing the iS10 logo. This special permission has been granted to avoid any confusion between the AWESOMME VFM scale and the iS10 Winescale used to show the quality of a wine.)

iS Points

iS points indicate the quality of a wine using a 0 – 10 scale. A Good Wine will score from 5.5 – 6.5 iS10 points. Find out more about iS10 points here.
iS points are derived directly from the iS10 Winescale international scoring system.
iS Winescale scores are calculated using an algorithm that translates the scores of up to 20 international wine experts into the iS Winescale, the optimal international scoring system for wine.

Search Filter Explanations

When you search for wine you can enter search criteria into a number of filter boxes.

You must enter your budget and at least one other criterion. e.g:

  • Budget $25 and Style Red, or
  • Budget $30 and Grapes Chardonnay

You can use as many Filter boxes as you wish.


Set your maximum budget for a bottle of wine.


If you have a preferred supplier you can select that supplier from the pull down list.

Winery or Brand

Start typing the name of a winery or wine brand name.


Select a wine style from the drop down menu. e.g. White, Red, Fortified, etc.


Choose your grape, either a single varietal or you can add more grapes for the blend you seek.

Note: There is a tick box under Grapes. If you tick that box only wines with the grape/grapes shown in the Grapes box will be displayed. If you do not tick this box then wines containing the grapes selected in the Grapes box will be displayed including those containing additional varieties as well as the grapes selected.


  • Select Shiraz & tick box. Wines containing only Shiraz will be displayed.
  • Select Shiraz and do not tick box. Wines containing Shiraz only and wines containing Shiraz + other varietals will be displayed.


Select the country of origin for the wine.


Region (Geographical Indication) is based upon the source of the grapes which may differ from the location of the winery.

For example, a winery in the Barossa Valley may use grapes from the Coonawarra region. In this case the region shown for that wine will be Coonawarra. The regions shown are based upon the 65 regions (Geographical Indications) listed by Wine Australia. Where grapes are derived from multiple regions this is shown as multiple regions e.g. Multiple Regions South Australia or Multiple Regions South East Australia.


You may select a specific vintage but please be aware that some suppliers do not show specific vintages while others may not have the vintage they indicate on their websites.

Min iS points

iS points indicate the quality of the wine. iS points are explained here.

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