iS10 Winescale

The optimal international Standard for scoring the quality of wine

iS points indicate the quality of a wine using a 0 – 10 scale. A Good Wine will score from 5.5  – 6.5 iS points.

iS10 Winescale Quality Description Position in category
iS 10.0 Magnificent
iS 9.5 Exceptional Top end of Exceptional
iS 9.0 Exceptional Mid range of Exceptional
iS 8.5 Exceptional Lower end of Exceptional
iS 8.0 Great Top end of Great
iS 7.5 Great Mid range of Great
iS 7.0 Great Lower end of Great
iS 6.5 Good Top end of Good
iS 6.0 Good Mid range of Good
iS 5.5 Good Lower end of Good
iS 5.0 Ordinary Top end of Ordinary
iS 4.5 Ordinary Mid range of Ordinary
iS 4.0 Ordinary Lower end of Ordinary
iS 3.5 Disappointing Top end of Disappointing
iS 3.0 Disappointing Mid range of Disappointing
iS 2.5 Disappointing Lower end of Disappointing
iS 2.0 Unacceptable Top end of Unacceptable
iS 1.5 Unacceptable Mid range of Unacceptable
iS 1.0 Unacceptable Lower end of Unacceptable
iS 0.5 Terrible
iS 0 Not Rated

The iS10 Winescale is the optimal international standard for scoring the quality of wine. It ranks wine in terms of quality irrespective of origin or price.

AWESOMME assesses the quality of each wine and reports that quality using the iS10 Winescale.

The iS10 Winescale is a logical, transparent and easily understood quality rating system for wine that provides clear definitions for each point on the iS10 scale. Find out more here.

Try rating wines yourself, using the fabulous iS Rate The Wine website