iS10 Value For Money (VFM)

The AWESOMME VFM (Value For Money) score shows the value for money rating of each wine on a 0 – 10 scale.

The AWESOMME VFM Score rates wines based upon the type of wine, the price of the wine and the iS10 quality score for the wine.

10.0 Magnificant Value
9.5 Exceptional Value
9.0 Exceptional Value
8.5 Exceptional Value
8.0 Great Value
7.5 Great Value
7.0 Great Value
6.5 Good Value
6.0 Good Value
5.5 Good Value
5.0 Slightly Expensive
4.5 Slightly Expensive
4.0 Slightly Expensive
3.5 Very Expensive
3.0 Very Expensive
2.5 Very Expensive
2.0 Extremely Expensive
1.5 Extremely Expensive
1.0 Extremely Expensive
0.5 Excessively Expensive
0 Not Rated

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